Apps to Prevent Distracted Driving:

It can be really difficult to ignore that buzz or ring when your cellphone goes off and you're behind the wheel.

Apps can be a great way to remind us of our commitment, monitor our loved one's behaviors behind the wheel, or even remove the temptation altogether.

Entercom Rochester helping us combat distracted driving by encouraging listeners to "Pratice Safe Text" while behind the wheel. These apps are a great way to help.

Try one of these apps on yours or a family members phone: Free & Subscription Version | Download: Android Only reads your SMS text messages and emails aloud so you do not need to access the phone. The app also allows for a customizable autoresponder message for incoming texts. The iOS version of this app is currently unavailable. Screen


SafeTexting - $1.99 | Download: iOS | Android

SafeTexting monitors cell tower access and activates when it determines you are moving. For Android users the app will auto respond via sms message to users who text the phone. For iOS users the app only provides a reminder to not text and drive when in motion.

SafeTexting Screen2  SafeTexting Screen 1


Canary - $9.99 Download iOS | Android

Canary allows users to be alerted if a phone they are monitoring is being used while the vehicle is going more then 12 MPH, however it does not block incoming communications. Android users can set up an autoresponder for incoming messages.

Canary Screen 1  Canary Screen 2


TextLimit - $24.99/Year | Download: iOS | Android

TextLimit will limit cellphone access when the user reaches a customized speed range. Administrators will be alerted when user exceeds a specified speed. App download is free but you need to set up an account on the app's website.

TextLimit Screen


If your provider is AT&T or Sprint, AT&T DriveMode and Sprint Drive First are two great free apps that can help you avoid distracted driving.


Looking for a business solution? All of these apps can be used to help prevent distracted driving with your employees. If you would like a fleet specfic app check out FleetSafer or SafeCell Enterprise by AT&T.


*The Causewave Community Partners and our sponsors were in no way compensated for this app listing. Apps listed are only suggestions for those looking for ways to curb distracted driving behaviors.

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