The Campaign

It's not just about the driver anymore.

With the help of concerned community partners, we’re reminding the person outside the car of a simple message: If you're talking or texting with a driver, you’re putting them at risk. Hold the conversation until a safer time.


Refuse to be a distraction.

Despite the research and the public service announcements, we continue to engage in a habit that's proven more dangerous than drunk driving.

That's why the campaign from the Causewave Community Partners is different. Our mission is to tell the person texting or calling their friends on the road that they are in a unique position of power to end distracted driving.

Protect those you care about. Prevent disaster with a simple question: "Are you driving?"

The next time you want to reach out to someone with a phone call or text, think about their safety. Ask this question, and end the distraction, before it ends in disaster. With the help of the concerned community partners listed below, we're spreading this message across Rochester. Click above to view each campaign element.

Let's work together.

With thousands of accidents leading to injury and death due to distracted driving every year, change is a must. And with just a click of your mouse, you make the change possible.

Become an advocate for safer cell phone use in Rochester.

  • Pledge to change how you talk and text.
  • Share facts about the dangers of distracted driving.
  • Download tools to help spread the word within your organization.



See toolkit for downloadable files

TV Spots

See toolkit for downloadable files


See toolkit for downloadable files

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